Microwave Dave Day 2022 was a huge success thanks to all who attended! The parking lots were full, the dance floor was packed, the music was exceptional and the venue, the weather and day could have not been more perfect. Thank you to all of our volunteers. You may think that your tireless dedication might go unnoticed to some but not to the MDD 2022 committee nor to the Board of Directors for the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation. Because of your hard work the event runs smooth and appears effortless to those attending. And to our sponsors who, without your generous donations and support the day would never happen. Thank you for continuing to believe in us and in our mission to provide music education in the school rooms of North Alabama. We will see you again in 2023 – Beep Beep!

In the words of Microwave Dave Gallaher, “ I relish the thought of all the Concerts in the Classroom that will occur this fall and next year at local schools — all thanks to the participation and donations to the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation that came in on Sunday at Stovehouse.”

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